Joe’s Heroes 100% Compostable Bamboo Straw Cocktail 15cm 10 Straws


Joe’s Heroes are Planet Saving Slurpwear for everyone who cares about our Planet.

Our certified compostable bamboo straws are made from 100% plant-based ingredients. Our bamboo straws are reusable and can be cleaned with hot water and the special brush provided with every pack. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. It takes 25-70 years to harvest timber. Bamboos, which aren’t trees, grow into an adult strain within just 6 years. Bamboo has an extensive network of rhizomes, where new bamboo shoots come out of. The growth of bamboo shoots is stimulated by cutting regularly. We never use bamboo which is intended for pandas! The production of Joe’s Heroes’ bamboo straws is unique. The bamboo is first cleaned with water, then it is cut and perforated. Thereafter, it is dried in direct sunlight for dehydration and disinfection. Finally, the straws are polished up to 8 hours to remove dirt and checked and packed. Play your part in saving our planet, one slurp at a time.

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Joe's Heroes

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Gluten Free, Natural, Plastic Free, Recycle, Zero Waste



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10 Straws